Energy Innovation

Hearth products for a healthier environment

The extensive line of Lennox Hearth Products fireplaces and stoves does more than enhance the lives of our customers and their homes—it reflects the environmental commitment of Lennox. From concept to design, our product engineers are constantly working toward developing products that burn more efficiently, conserve natural resources and minimize emissions.

Each year we introduce new products that achieve these goals and we're proud to say that, today, customers have more efficient Lennox Hearth Products choices than ever before.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces do not require wood or gas for fuel and release no emissions into the environment. A standard 110V outlet (or 220V for higher BTU output) is all you need to enjoy a warm, vibrant fire.

Merit® Plus Series 27" / 33" / 36" Electric Fireplace

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

A variety of Lennox Hearth Products' wood-burning models meet government EPA II and/or Washington State emission requirements for clean, responsible burning. In addition, advanced combustion technologies help enhance burning efficiency for significantly less fuel consumption.

Gas-Burning Fireplaces

Our lines of direct-vent, sealed-combustion, gas fireplaces minimize the risk of smoke and combustion pollutants entering the home—enhancing indoor air quality. Combustion air is drawn from outside and exhaust is returned back to the outside of the house.