Commitment in Action

Moving forward and making change in the hearth industry

For over 110 years, Lennox has been responsible for some of the most innovative home comfort products in the industry. That legacy continues with Lennox Hearth Products and is reflected in our environmental stewardship. From product design to manufacturing best practices, we are putting our corporate commitment into practice. And as new environmental initiatives are launched, we will keep you up to date and informed on their progress.

Wash Tanks

Spring 2006: Union City, TN Manufacturing Facility Significantly Reduces Energy Usage in Wash Tanks

Lennox Hearth Products recently invested in 11,000 polyethylene balls to place in two 8’x13’ wash tanks at the Union City, TN manufacturing facility. The result was a remarkable 12% reduction of natural gas consumption.

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Libby Mt

Spring 2005: Lennox Hearth Products Participates in the HPBA Libby, MT Change-out Campaign

Lennox Hearth Products and other sponsors are helping the Hearth Patio and Barbeque Association replace an estimated 1,300 old and uncertified stoves in the small town of Libby, MT. Our donation of over $100,000 for products and installations is helping to reduce harmful emissions and improve the community's poor air quality.

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