Unique portrait-style gas fireplace offers distinctive and cozy charm!

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Installing the Adagio™ direct-vent fireplace from the Dave Lennox Signature™ Collection is akin to adding a piece of art to your home. The distinctive vertical orientation and small size make it an ideal fit for smaller or unconventional spaces—like your kitchen, bathroom or dining room. The tall glass area provides a beautiful view of flames dancing on high-definition logs and glowing embers. Plus, with a variety of gorgeous facades and one-piece ceramic liners that capture a real masonry look, the Adagio can be customized to complement your home's unique style and decor.


  • Large, 16" x 22" glass area offers uncompromised views of the fire presentation.
  • High-definition logs provide authentic detail for the ultimate in realism.
  • Burner design produces glowing logs and enchanting embers for realism and beauty.


  • Ceramic glass radiates warmth back into the room for superior heating.
  • AFUE-heater-rated unit burns efficiently for optimal fuel usage.

Design Versatility

  • Choose from four exceptional ceramic liners for complete home decor integration.
  • Four different facade styles to choose from to create a truly unique fireplace that perfectly fits your home
  • Choose from three Arch facade inset designs available in black, brushed nickel, gold or black nickel.