Efficient heating now and big savings at tax time.

The U.S. government provides up to a $300* incentive to help you save on heating your home. And Lennox provides the products you need to take full advantage.

As part of the Tax Relief Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010 (TRUIRJCA), homeowners who install a 75%-efficient biomass stove in 2011 are eligible to receive an energy tax credit of up to $300.

This is a great opportunity for you to save on your heating costs, while using renewable energy resources such as wood or pellets made from lumber by-products.

Lennox Hearth Products offers a variety of products that meet or exceed the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines, including:

Lennox Country® Collection Pellet-Burning Stoves

Bella™ models Bella-B and Bella-BE
Winslow™ model PS40

Lennox Elite® Series Pellet-Burning Stove

Montage™ model 32FS

Lennox Merit® Series Pellet-Burning Stove

Cascade™ model Cascade

Lennox Country Collection Pellet-Burning Stove Insert

Winslow model PI40

Lennox Country Collection Wood-Burning Stoves

Striker™ models S160T and SA160T
Performer™ models SS210T and ST210S
Legacy™ model S260T
Canyon™ model ST310T
Grandview™ models GV230 and GV300

Lennox Country Collection Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts

Striker models C160T, C160A and CA160
Performer models C210T, C210A and CA210
Legacy model C260T
Elite model E260T
Canyon model C310T
Montlake™ model ML230

Dave Lennox Signature™ Collection EPA-certified Wood-Burning Built-In Stoves

Brentwood™ model Brentwood SP
Brentwood™ LV model Brentwood LV
Montecito™ model MONTE
Montecito Estate™ model MONTEST
Villa Vista™ model Villa Vista
Ladera™ models LADERA-BK and LADERA-BN

BIS® EPA-certified Wood-Burning Built-In Stoves

BIS Ultima™ model BIS Ultima-1
BIS Ultima™ CF modelBIS Ultima CF
BIS Tradition™ CE model BIS Tradition CE
BIS Tradition™ model BIS Tradition
BIS Panorama™ model BIS Panorama
BIS Nova™ model BIS Nova

Whitfield™ Pellet-Burning Stoves

Profile™ models Profile20FS-2 and Profile30FS-2

Whitfield Pellet-Burning Stove Insert

Profile model Profile30INS-2

* The 10% tax credit (up to $300) is not an instant rebate or product discount. It is a tax credit provided by the IRS as part of the TRUIRJCA and is applicable when filing personal income taxes for the 2011 tax year. Please consult with a tax advisor or the Internal Revenue Code for more information.

For tax years 2006–2011, there is a $500 cap on home efficiency tax credits claimed by a single consumer. For example, if you claimed $300 in 2007, you can only claim $200 in 2011. However, if you claimed a $1,500 tax credit as a part of the 2009–2010 tax credit, you will benefit from the full amount, but are not eligible for the 2011 $300 tax credit.