A gas fire delivers the ambiance of a wood fire, but flames are more even and consistent. Log sets feature fine details for an authentic feel. They require little effort to start and maintain.


The aromas, crackling and popping of a wood fire combine with the constant action of an active, ever-changing flame. Wood products require attention, cleaning and loading.


Pellet products deliver powerful heat, while fires are active and offer a brilliant glow. Large hoppers and automatic feed systems minimize tending to the fire and burnout.


Fireplaces are designed for installation in new homes, renovated spaces or home additions. They are available in a variety of sizes with a large list of design options.


If your home has an existing masonry or metal fireplace, inserts fit into virtually any opening to instantly transform it into a warm and entertaining centerpiece.


Many fireplaces and log sets are designed to be purely decorative. This means they only deliver low radiant heat.


Several fireplaces and stoves are designed to be a heat source, adding supplemental heat to your living space by circulating warm air through a fan.

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