Our commitment to safety

Lennox® hearth products are constructed with the utmost care and precision and designs comply with national safety standards. However, personal safety begins with good fire management.

The temperatures of surfaces in and around a fire can become extremely hot during operation. It is essential to monitor traffic around a Lennox hearth product to prevent burns and to protect the overall safety of your home and loved ones.

Tips for safe operation

Our products provide joy and warmth year-round and with careful responsibility, our selection of fireplaces, stoves, inserts and gas log sets offer safe, effective ways to entertain and provide comfort. Use these helpful tips to ensure your warmth and safety.

  • Always read and follow the instructions for the safe use and maintenance of your Lennox hearth product.
  • Surfaces on fireplaces, stoves and inserts get EXTREMELY HOT!
  • The glass on the front of a fireplace reaches EXTREMELY HIGH temperatures and can cause severe burns if touched.
  • Surfaces around the fire—especially glass doors or panels—can stay very hot for long periods of time after operation has ended. Be aware that surfaces may stay warm from a lit pilot light, even if the product is not operating.
  • Never leave young children or pets alone when operating a Lennox hearth product.
  • Educate your family about fire safety before you begin operating a new Lennox hearth product.
  • Use a firescreen (if applicable) for added safety.
  • Always keep a hearth product remote away from small children.


Lennox provides safety-in-operation warning labels to be affixed to the wall switch plate, remote control or thermostat used to operate your gas fireplace. These labels remind users of the high surface and/or glass temperatures that are normal for gas fireplaces. If your wall switch plate, remote control or thermostat is not so equipped, please click here to order your free labels.


The Lennox Safety Guard protects against severe burns and injuries by preventing direct contact with the front glass surface of your gas fireplace through the use of a formed mesh screen that stands off from the unit. It is easy to install and is removable. This screen is not decorative but rather a safety device that should be used when children or other at risk populations will be near the fireplace. However, it is not a substitute for following all safety guidelines included in the care and operation manual accompanying your fireplace. Note: Safety Guards may not be available for some older models, which are no longer in production.

To order a FREE Safety Guard, click here.

Remember, safety is a responsibility with any fire-associated product. Consult your Lennox Hearth Products dealer for more information and read and understand the information in the Homeowner's Care and Operation Manual that accompanies each appliance. Refer to these tips regularly and review with those in your home to assure careful operation and long-lasting comfort.

For additional information on the Lennox Safety Guard, view our brochure.

For more information on hearth product safety, visit the Hearth, Patio, & Barbecue Association (HPBA) at www.hpba.org.