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The Superior® Universal Vent-Free (UVF-36/UVFRC-3628 & UVFRC-4228) Fireboxes

ORANGE, CA (May 10, 2006) — We are pleased to announce the introduction of our new Superior® brand vent-free universal fireboxes. Replacing the existing vent-free firebox offering. The new line is designed with features and benefits the market is demanding. All of the new Universal Vent-Free Firebox models feature a wider and taller opening with a powder coat charcoal finish, come standard with a louverless, clean face design and offer a blower option.

We have consolidated our line and have five new models. The new UVF-36 is our new builder model and comes standard with traditional refractory back and sides, canopy hood, a 36" rock-to-rock width with a 24" tall opening and accepts most listed 24" vent-free gas logs. Options include an outside air kit, blower kits, and mesh screen doors. This model will replace the UVFR-500, UVFC-500, UVFR-600 and UVFC-600 line. The UVFRC-3628 and UVFRC-4228 have wider 36" or 42" rock-to-rock opening and both have a 28" height. These models are available with either the traditional back, sides, and bottom refractory, or a herringbone pattern (UVFRC-3628-H & UVFRC-4228-H models). They both have a clean face design with a blower option and an optional canopy. The UVFRC-3628 will accept most listed 24" vent free gas logs. The accessories include outside air kits, blowers, and decorative arch screen doors. These models will replace the UVFR-5000, UVFC-5000, UVFCE-40 and UVFCE45.

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