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Upgraded Lennox Elite Series Direct-Vent Gas Fireplaces

New Upgraded Lennox Elite Series Direct -Vent Gas Fireplaces

As previewed at the Hearth Expo in Nashville, we're pleased to announce new versions of our popular Elite Series front-view direct-vent gas fireplaces and multi-view models. These new "EDV" Elite models have been significantly upgraded for 2003 with many enhancements, new accessories and a host of other features outlined below and in the enclosed materials.

Elite Front-View Direct-Vent

The front-view Elite line-up features 35", 40" and 45" framed opening sizes (framing dimensions remain the same as the current Elite models). All models are A.F.U.E. rated and Canadian EnerGuide tested as gas fireplace heaters, offer top/rear combination vent outlets and include natural gas or propane versions. New enhancements include:

  • Realistic charred split oak logs with a pan burner for an outstanding fire and embers
  • Standard ceramic fiber brick pattern floor to complement the new log set
  • Standard smaller brick pattern brickaded interior
  • Optional ceramic fiber side and back brick liners for a rustic brick look

More new accessories will follow later in the year.

Elite Multi-View Direct-Vent

The new Lennox Elite multi-view family in Peninsula, See-Through and Corner models shares the same enhancements as the front-view models. These units retain their flush face ("clean face") design and keep the same framing dimensions as their predecessors. The enclosed package of materials summarizes the many upgrades to the Elite units and provides a cross- reference to the older versions and highlights new accessories.


The new Elite "EDV" fireplaces will retain the same pricing as the current Elite line.

Burner/Log Field Upgrade Kits

Field upgrade kits will be available for current Elite -2 and older Elite models. The kits include a new burner, natural gas train assembly, logs and ceramic refractory floor with subfloor to upgrade a showroom model (or any field installed unit) to the look of the newer EDV units (for propane models you must add a propane conversion kit). Add the optional ceramic fiber backs and sides for a complete upgrade of the model (for some older models, the lintel extensions may require field trimming for side and back panels to fit).

The new EDV models will be phased in during July as we use up existing inventories of the current versions. As we stock out of the older Elite models, only the new "EDV" versions will be available. Front-view units will start phasing in early to mid July with multi-view units following later in the month. The burner/log field upgrade kits and accessories will become available in the same time frame for each model. Stay in contact with your servicing plant customer service team for up-to-the-minute information on this change over.

Contact your District Sales Manager with any questions you may have and thank you for your continued support.