CST-38 See-Through

Elegant room-dividing see-through fireplace designed for optimal fire enjoyment

CST-38 See-Through

The Merit® Series CST-38 wood-burning fireplace lets you see directly through the fire, creating a unique and picturesque room divider. Installed in the center of a large open area, the 38" firebox allows a sizeable fire that adds warmth and beauty to any home. Its zero-clearance design, sleek exterior, natural-looking lining and selection of glass doors and panels allow you to add a designer touch anywhere.


  • Unique see-through design add warmth and airiness to any living area with a large, glowing fire visible from two rooms at once.
  • The 38" firebox adds warmth and ambiance to rooms and living areas.
  • Realistic brick-patterned interior frames the fire with natural beauty.


  • Zero-clearance design creates a truly warm and comfortable fire.
  • Bi-fold glass doors or the twin-pane doors provide convenient heat control.

Ease of Operation

  • Solid steel grate holds large loads of fuel.
  • Optional outside air kit improves performance.

Design Versatility

  • Your choice of bi-fold doors in Black, Brass or Brushed Stainless finishes provides an elegant beauty.