High-efficiency, low-emission wood-burning fireplace with forward-thinking burning technology


The Solana™ from the Dave Lennox Signature™ Collection takes a giant leap forward in clean wood-burning technology. In the wake of proposed legislation to restrict the sale of front-open wood-burning fireplaces, the EPA has drafted voluntary emissions standards. For more information on this EPA standard please go to EPA Burnwise.

The Solana exceeds these standards with an innovative Fresh Fire™ burn system that optimizes airflow and controls burning. The result is a 70% reduction in smoke emissions! In addition to the modern appearance, warm circulating heat and customizable trim options, the Solana offers a new way forward to improved air quality and a cleaner environment.


  • Retractable doors and screen slide out of sight for an unobstructed view of the fire
  • Large textured brick refractory simulates the look of a real masonry fireplace
  • Customizable door trim delivers a clean and modern exterior appearance


  • Patent-pending Fresh Fire™ burn system helps significantly reduce emissions to 3.87 gr/kg
  • Powerful heat-circulating design delivers rich warm air into the living space while ceramic glass & doors provide additional heat radiation
  • An optional heat-activated blower enhances the heat-circulating capability
  • Outside air kit uses outside air for combustion to increase burn efficiency, while preserving warm air inside

Required Venting

  • 8" Secure Temp™ ASHT1", Secure Temp S-2100+ or AC Chimney


  • An efficient air wash system keeps the glass clean from soot and ash build-up
  • The grate tilts up and out of the way to simplify ash removal